Brief History of the College.

The College of education, Hong was established by means of law No. 4 of 1982 which came into operation on 1st July, 1981 as Advanced Teachers College Hong. The law establishing the former advanced Teachers College was reviewed and approved by Adamawa State House of Assembly to reflect its new status, as Adamawa State College of Education, Hong, with effect from 23rd April, 2015.


The College commenced its main academics session in January 1983 with N. C. E. programs offered in the School of Education, Humanities, Languages and Pure and Applied Sciences with a total number of sixteen(16) courses of different combinations, and  a total number of ninety five (95) registered students in various courses under the leadership of the Pioneer Principal Alhaji Ibrahim Mafindi. At that time, the College was under the supervision of state Ministry of Education.  Alhaji Mafindi as the pioneer Principal laid a solid foundation for the smooth take off of the college. He completed his tenure in 1986.


Alhaji Abdullahi B. Waziri succeded Alhaji Mafindi as the next Principal of the College and continued from where his predecessor stopped. He was the Principal of the College from 19886-1991.

Dr. Abubakar A. Fari was appointed the Provost of the College from 1991-1997, Mr. Recab R. Marjah acted as Provost from 1997 to 1998.  Mr. Bala J. Gayus took over from 1998 to 2000.  Mal. Mohammed I. Maina acted from 17/7/2000  to 3/8/2000 and Mal. Hamidu Maiha took over from him from 2000 to  2010.

 It is worth mentioning here that the College shift from the temporary site and move to the permanent site under the administration of first Provost,  Dr. Abubakar A. Fari.

The appointment of Dr. Johnson H. Pongri in 2010 to Date as the Provost marked a water-shed in the history of the College. Among the successes recoded are: connection of the institution with the national grid, construction of Library complex/E-library, building of new hostels, Multi-media and ICT Development center, Laboratories, construction of Academic Board complex, Lecture theatres, procurement of office/teaching facilities, improvement of water supply, renovation of classrooms, and above all the realization of the taking off of the degree program in affiliation to Faculty of Education Ahmadu Bello University Zaria in 2017/2018 academic session.