Principal Officers of the College: Their Profiles and Responsibilities

1.   Provost
Name:    Dr. Johnson Haniel Pongri
Qualifications:   B.A., PhD., PDE.
Responsibilities:  The Provost shall be the professional an administrative Head of the College and shall be responsible to the Council for promoting and maintaining efficiency security and disciple in the College.

2.   Deputy Provost  
Name:   Mrs. Nestina Tirah
Qualifications:   NCE. B.Ed, M.Ed
Responsibilities:    The Deputy Provost (administration) shall assist the Provost on administrative matters.

3.   Registrar
Name:   Alh. Tahir Abdullahi
Qualifications:    NCE, B.A., MPA.
Responsibilities:  shall be responsible to the Provost for the executive of the decisions made by the Council or by the Board and administrative matters pertaining to staff appointments, the admission of students and their graduation.

4.   Deputy Registrar
Name:  Yusuf Usman
Qualifications:  B.A ED
Responsibilities: Establishement Secretary

5.   College Librarian
Name:   Alh. Balla Mohammed Ali
Qualifications:   BLS, MLS
Responsibilities:  The Librarian shall be responsible to the Provost for the administration of the College Library and for the coordination of Library service in the College.

6.   Director of Works
Name:   Haj. Jamilat Maigari
Qualifications:   ND, B. Engr.
Responsibilities:   The Director of Works shall be responsible tothe Provost for maintenance of the College Buildings and other physical facilities, minor works, transport and the supervision of the College Projects

7.   Bursar
Name:   Alh. Mohammed Iya
Qualifications:   ND, B.Sc
Responsibilities:   The Bursar shall be responsible to the Provost for the day-to-day administration of the financial affairs of the

8.   The Director of Medical Services:   
Name:   Mr. Alexander Mamman Shalmalmi
Qualifications:   ND
Responsibilities:   The Director Medical Services shall be responsible to the Provost for the day-to-day running of the College Clinic.

9.   The Director, Continuing Education:
Name:   Mr. Augustine Musa Tsubandaya
Qualifications:   B.A. Ed, M.Ed.
Responsibilities:   The Director, Continuing Education shall be responsible to the Provost for the running of the Remedial programmes and Summer Programmes in the College.

10.   The Director Physical Planning Research and Evaluation:  
Name:   Dr. Dubi N. Ensley
Qualifications:   NCE, B.Ed, M.Ed, PhD
Responsibilities:   The Director of Physical Planning Research and Evaluation shall be responsible to the Provost for physical and academic planning coordination of research and evaluation, appraisal of College Programmes and compilation of statistical data on staff and students of the College.

11.   Director Quality Assurance
Name: Mohammed Sarki Sa’ad
Qualifications: N.C.E Tech B.Ed Technology M.Sc Technical
Responsibilities; Will be directly responsible to the Provost and Management, will be responsible for proper conduct of Mock or Internal Accreditation exercise to detect academic shortfalls/deficiencies before the arrival of the NCCE team and make appropriate recommendation for rectification.

12.   Deans:   The Dean of a School shall be responsible to the Provost for the academic and administrative matters of the school.
(a)   Dean, School of Arts and Social Sciences:   
Name:   Mr. John Wycliffe Shingumi
Qualifications:   NCE, B. Ed, M. Ed   
(b)   Dean, School of Education:   
Name:   Mr. Alhassan J. Yaqub
Qualifications:   NCE, B. A. Ed, M. A.
(c)   Dean, School of Languages:   
Name:   Mr. Ibrahim I. Kwaja
Qualifications:   NCE, B. A., M. A.
(d)   Dean, School of Sciences:   
Name:   Mr. Danbiyu Paul Tumba
Qualifications:   B. Sc. Ed, M. Ed
(a)   Dean, School of Vocational and Technical Education:   
Name:   Kutayatsicha Posongha Ibrahim
Qualifications:   NCE, B. A., M. A.

13.   Heads of Departments:  The Head of an academic Department shall be the professional and administrative Head of his Department and responsible to the Provost through the Dean of his School.