College Governing Council.

The Governing Council is the highest decision of the College whose responsibilities are to consider and approve the following:
(a)    The plan of activities of the College
(b)    The programme of studies, courses and research to be undertaken by the College.
(c)    The annual estimates of the College.
(d)    Investment plans of the College.
(e)    Making amendments or revocation of the status on the direction and regulation of the affairs of the College.
(f)    The Control of the property  and finance of the College.
(g)    Anything else which is incidental to its powers under the Edict of the College.


Members of the Governing Council.

1.    Haj. Salamatu Mohammed Bala    -    Chairman
2.    Dr. Johnson H. Pongri        -    Provost
3,    Alh. Abubakar Baba-Kano        -    Perm. Sec, MHEST
4.    Mr. Saleh Mairabo Mshelia        -    NCCE Representative
5.    Haj. Rakiba Aminu            -    Min. of  Fin. Representative
6.    Mrs. Peninah F. Vokito        -    Fed. Min. of Educ. Rep.
7.    Barr. Kyanson Samuel        -    Min. of Justice Representative
8.    Mr. Yasom Raymond        -
9.    Mr. Joseph Kwaji            -    
10.    Rev. Eli Bartimawus        -
11.    Hajiya Jiddere Musa Kaibo        -
12.    Mr. Adamu M. A. Mustapha    -
13.    Alh. Tahir Abullahi            -    Registrar/Secretary
14.    Mr. Freeman W. Pukuma        -    COEASU Representative    
15.    Mr. Shuaibu Ahiwa            -    NASU Representative